Private Fees are for guidance only and will depend upon time and materials used.

Estimates are given for all courses of treatment please note there may be a charge for appointments broken without 24 hour notice.

For some appointments that may require a large amount of surgery time we may need 2 working days notice. This will be requested if necessary.

Fees and Prices

Below is a list of our private fees. If you have any further enquiries please don't hesitate to contact us.

Diagnosis & Prevention
New Patient Examination (includes 2 x-rays) £75
Routine Examination £60
Small Digital X-ray £8
Full Mouth X-ray £45
Hygienist Appointments
Routine £43
Advanced £60
Extensive £72
Restorative Treatments
Amalgam Fillings from£80
White Fillings from£95
Porcelain Crown from£480
Gold Crown from£530
Extraction from£90
Root Canal Treatment
Per Visit with Specialist from£300
Cosmetic Treatments
Veneer from£420
Tooth Whitening £380
Partial Acrylic Denture from£480
Partial Metal Denture from£700
Full Single Denture from£650
Set of Full Dentures (Upper and Lower) from£1000
Inman Aligner
Invisible Braces from£1500
Implants £POA
Mouthguards £110
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